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As with the majority of industries, the recruitment sector is highly competitive and very closely knit. This can create a reluctance for people to respond to any direct advertising ranging from mild caution to sheer paranoia!

It is largely because of this that when a recruitment company handles it’s own “in house” campaign, more often than not the results are disappointing.

At Zest r2r,  we fully understand this can happen, we  take the pressure away from both parties by creating an appropriate environment for candidates to explore their future options without prejudice and for clients to access the very best people in the marketplace…..not the best from a limited campaign response.

Bradley West
CEO - public sector recruiter

Zest r2r restored my faith in rec2 rec companies, professional, discreet and above all honest, a unique combination in today's recruitment2 recruitment sector.

Your recruitment in our hands.


Immediacy: An empty desk is losing revenue. Fill that void quickly.

Confidentiality: Private details are only released on a "need to know" basis, protecting and maintaining your anonymity.

Proactive: We take the initiative to deliver your desired outcome. We get results!

Timesaving: Your time is too valuable to waste reviewing unsuitable positions/ applications and attending/ conducting pointless interviews.

Cost Effective: Time is money and a precious resource. Allow us to present the ideal candidate/ opportunity.

Professional: We will handle your requirements with skill and empathy, marketing the opportunity in an exciting and positive manner.

Discreet: Your clients, competitors and colleagues can remain oblivious so minimising any potential disruption.

Complete Range: Our placements range from trainee entry level through to senior management/ director level.

Market Knowledge: We know who's who in the UK recruitment sector!

We Give a Damn!: We operate ethically and professionally at all times.

WE GET RESULTS: Over £2M worth of base salaries already secured in 2007

Contact Zest r2r today  for a no obligation and totally confidential discussion about your requirements.

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